Our strategy is to own quality properties in dynamic communities that have the potential to generate growing cash flows as well as increase in value over time, supported by a network of high-yielding investments in secondary and tertiary markets, characterized by attractive demographics and a resilient and diversified economic base.  

Our strategy is a framework that guides our everyday work, but we remain alert to new challenges and opportunities.  We will adapt and evolve our strategy as we anticipate and respond to changes in market conditions.

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We have extensive experience in acquiring, developing, improving and managing a broad range of commercial properties across Canada and beyond, from the most dense neighborhoods of large urban markets to the smallest, most remote communities.  We’re well-versed across the entire spectrum of retail properties, from enclosed luxury malls to convenience neighbourhood plazas, and from street-front shops to large-format mass retailers.  Our experience extends to high-rise office space, suburban call centres and data centres, as well as neighbourhood medical and professional offices.


We intend to complement our commercial activity with investments in residential developments, either by way of mixed-use projects (such as incorporating residential suites above or adjacent to commercial properties), or though stand-alone residential developments.  We may involve joint-venture partners in some of these projects – particularly stand-alone residential developments – to supplement our expertise.


We have significant experience in large-scale industrial real estate – including distribution facilities, manufacturing plants, and resource extraction properties – having acquired, developed, managed, disposed of and re-purposed a wide range of industrial properties.  As we accumulate or raise equity, we may also invest in industrial properties that meet our strategic and investment objectives.